Amplifying Business Growth Through Education

AMP is an Action Marketing Platform amplifies business growth through education and online systems.


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The Problem


80% of entrepreneurs fail in their first eighteen months. shares the Top 3 Reasons for Business Failure are Marketing Related.


The Top 3 Reasons for Business Failure:


Not in Touch


No Differentiation


Poor Communications

The Solution

Businesses could greatly increase their odds of success through structured education.

AMP provides structured marketing education aimed at:

  1. Assessing one's current status.
  2. Determining Goals for success.
  3. Defining priority Actions to take.

High Level Concept: AMP is like TurboTax for Marketing.

Value Proposition: Unlike other marketing resources that teach techincal How-Tos, AMP aims to provide an easy to follow system for making better decisions and achieving better results.


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Our Goals at One Spark are to:
1. Gain Feedback
2. Connect with Perspective Users

AMP Reviews

  • Kenny and Manny were really great! They were not only patient and attentive to my questions, but they gave me REAL applications to my company to improve my leads.

    Lauren Fox
    Shannon Miller Lifestyle
  • Attended a marketing workshop and had a great experience. The guys were super nice, funny yet professional. Would attend another workshop in the future.

    Ashley Falk
    Global Infonet
  • Having this insight has been very helpful to making progress and success.

    Carrolle Vargas
    Your Ettiquette Style
  • I really appreciate getting guidance from a trusted source, it gives me confidence and saves me time.

    Sam Taylor
    Folio Weekly
  • Continuing education is an important part of business success.

    Dr Ron Fudala

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